Today is Australia Day.

The day we celebrate all that is good about the country we live in, and hopefully take time to acknowledge the things that we need to work on.

Mostly, we have cause for celebration.

I have always had the feeling I won the lottery when I was born Australian.

We’re not perfect, but we’re still the Lucky Country.


Murphy’s law

I promised I’d be back in January with a few changes.

  • I’ve bought a domain name (actually two).
  • I’ve paid for hosting.
  • I’ve bought a new look for my blog.
  • I’ve dyed a little bit of fabric I hope will be liked enough to sell.
  • I’ve set up a store to link to my blog.


  • Even though I’ve followed the “set-up wizard” I can’t seem to access my new blog.
  • Because I can’t access the blog, I can’t upload my new look.
  • Sydney has turned on one of the wettest summers for a long time and I can’t photograph my pretty fabric.
  • So there is nothing in my store, which I can’t link to the blog I can’t access.

So, today is the day I get to spend on live chat with the nice (I hope) people who provide technical help.

This is Sydney.  It doesn’t rain.  It pours! Smile