A whole lot of not much

That’s what I’ve been up to and it has to stop.

2011 has been the year that bit me on the bum.  I can’t wait for it to finish.

There has been lots happen in the last twelve months and some of it – well pretty much all of it – has got me down.

I would love to show you lots of beautifully finished quilts, but really I’ve been only sporadically sewing bee blocks.

I usually love this time of year, all the silly little things I do:

  • changing to a Christmas theme on my blog
  • putting snowmen pics on my blog for Pam
  • loading silly youtube clips on my countdown to Fairy Tale of New York on Christmas Eve
  • decorating my house
  • baking and shopping and having silly fun with my family.

Last year I didn’t have time for all that.  This year it’s our first Christmas without our beloved Poppy and I’m too sad.

So, enough wallowing.

I give you the (rather fancy) line I’m drawing under 2011.


I’m not going to blog again until January, and I have changes planned.  There will be my new Etsy shop and the completion of a new look for the blog.  In the meantime, you can keep up to date with my witterings on my Kate quilts… facebook page or follow me on Twitter (@Kate_Quilts).

If you’ve managed to get this far, thanks for reading.

Merry Christmas, everyone.



7 thoughts on “A whole lot of not much

  1. Hugs Kate.You.ve had a tough year but you have survived. Next year WILL be better. I lke your drawn line. (it would mke a great tatt! 😉
    raising my glass to a New Year of successes big and small, for both of us!

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